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Portland Baseball Club 14U Development Team

The Portland Baseball Club 14U team is designed for players who are looking to become better baseball players. The team is formed with players who are willing to work hard, committed to being a better player, and respect the game.

At the 14U age level, skill development is first and foremost our priority. Players will be given ample opportunities throughout the fall, winter, spring, and summer to increase their baseball skills through private workouts, team practices, and game competition. The team will play 40-50 games between April and August. The games are primarily on weekends with some mid week games mixed in. We will play in 5-6 tournament both local and regional. Travel is kept to a minimum while keeping competition up.

What Makes Portland Baseball Club Different?

  • PBC teams are coached by experienced baseball coaches, it is not daddy baseball
  • PBC teams are focused on team and player development, unlike tournament teams focused on individual success and winning tournaments
  • PBC teaches skills necessary to play high school and college baseball, we are constantly learning and passing that on to the players
  • PBC is an investment in your son's future, not a 3 tournament showcase
  • PBC is for dedicated baseball players who want to work hard and play baseball


  • PBC 14U program costs $1,100 for the team player fee
  • Fundraisers are available to reduce the player fee
  • Payment plans are encouraged

Monthly Training Program:

  • In addition to our weekly team practice from November - July, we also offer a special team member training program
  • For a small monthly fee, players are provided with a minimum of 1 private/small group lesson each week
  • These sessions focus on individual skill development and video analysis
  • Skill specific camps and group sessions are included in this offer
  • 50% discount on all PBC camps

If Portland Baseball Club sounds like the right fit for you, contact us to schedule a private tryout. Our roster is set once we find the right ball players, so do not wait. Email: jtaylor@portlandbaseballclub.com





Portland Baseball Club News:

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